Premium Silicone Kitchen Cooking Utensils (3 Piece) - Pro Grade 600 Degrees, High Heat-Resistant - Spatulas, Turners, Scrapers, Durable, Flexible, Non-Stick Design by Premium Home Quality (Red)

Premium Silicone Kitchen Cooking Utensils (3 Piece) - Pro Grade 600 Degrees, High Heat-Resistant - Spatulas, Turners, Scrapers, Durable, Flexible, Non-Stick Design by Premium Home Quality (Red)

Premium Home Quality

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  • HIGHEST QUALITY HEAT RESISTANCE: Silicone Utensils are Rated Heat Resistant up to 600°F. Stain & Odor Resistant, Each Utensil is Made from One-Piece Silicone, so there is Nowhere for Bacteria to Hide. All Utensils are Easy to Use and Clean. Simply Rinse under Running Water or Throw them in the Dishwasher. These are Non-Stick Friendly Silicone Utensils, Ensuring Complete Protection When Using with Your Expensive Pots and Pans. The Perfect Kitchen Set for Yourself, Your Family or a Gift.
  • ONE PIECE DESIGN: Silicone Utensils are Carefully Crafted from a Durable Nylon Inner Core, which Gives the Utensils the Strength and Rigidity You Need Plus Flexibility and Durability for Cooking All Types of Foods. The Outer Body is Made from Beautifully Colored Premium Silicone. All Silicone is FDA Grade and BPA Free. Making These Utensils, Super Soft to the Touch, but also Easy to Grip and Very Practical for Cooking.
  • COOKING JUST GOT EASIER: Perfect for All Your Cooking Needs. It Doesn't Matter What You've Got to Stir or Lift Because the Super-Strong Nylon Core Means No Floppy Spoons, Spatulas or Turners; They Stay Strong Under Pressure and Make Delivering the Tastiest Food to Your Family Incredibly Easy. This Set Includes the Most Useful and Used Utensils in Your Kitchen, in a Wide Variety of Spatulas, Turners, Scrapers and Spoons. Specially Designed to Not Scratch Your Pots and Pans.
  • HYGIENIC AND SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILY: The One Piece Silicone Design Really Makes the Perfect Utensil. If You Look Closely, Most Other Kitchen Utensils Have Handles and Joints Attaching 2 or 3 Parts Together, These Make Ideal Places for Bacteria to Lurk; Wooden Spoons Split and Splinter; These Premium Utensils Keep You and Your Family Safe Because There is Nowhere for Bacteria to Hide.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Your Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority. If You are Not Completely Satisfied, After Receiving Your Silicon Cooking Utensils, for Any Reason, We Offer a No Hassle, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. Which Makes Purchasing from Premium Home Quality, the Smartest Purchase You Can Make.

3 Piece Premium Silicone Kitchen Cooking Utensils - Professional Spatulas, Turners and Scrapers Variety Set - Hygienic, Durable, Flexible, Non-Stick, Heat Resistant and Dishwasher Safe - Solid Silicone Coating Kitchen Utensils


  • Soft, Comfortable, Non-Slip, Stay-Cool Grip
  • Safe for Coated or Nonstick Cookware and Bakeware
  • Won't Discolor, Warp, or Melt
  • Heat Resistant up to 600 Degrees F
  • BPA-Free
  • Silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Why Use Silicone Kitchen Tools & Utensils?

HIGH HEAT RESISTANCE: Have you ever had an inferior, plastic kitchen utensil melt in your pan, while cooking? That’s the big advantage with Silicone utensils. Silicone utensils can withstand very high heat. And because of this, they are a much better choice, compared to nylon or plastic utensils.

FLEXIBLE: This makes them very user-friendly when dealing with non-stick surfaces. It cannot scratch or damage non-stick cooking pots and pans as wooden or metals spoons do. This flexibility makes it as useful as the rubber spatula in scraping clean that cake batter off the mixing bowl.

SAFE TO USE: Food grade silicone is very safe to use in any type of food. It does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes. Unlike some metals which may corrode when exposed to certain acids in food. It does not react negatively to exposure to extremes of temperature. This means that it will probably last longer than the other kitchen utensils.

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